Report ICCPPC Latin America 2017

América latina

Latin American report :

In 2011, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, representatives of the Prison Pastoral of the Southern Cone met and worked on a document called Guidelines for the Prison Pastoral.

In 2012, and supported by CELAM, a meeting was held in Santiago, Chile. The work of pastoral theological reflection continued, illuminated by the Puerto Rican theologian Ángel Darío Carrero. The Southern Cone region invited the countries of the Bolivarian region to this meeting.

In 2013 in Buenos Aires, joint meeting of the representatives of the Southern Cone countries and the ICCPPC executive committee. The challenges of prison ministry in the light of the Magisterium of Pope Francis.

Diploma courses on Prison Ministry organized by CEBITEPAL, the organization in charge of training from CELAM. More than 20 pastoral agents participate in each one.

Regional reorganization in the Southern Cone and the region of Bolivarian countries.

In 2016, and summoned from CELAM, we participated in the Meeting of the Department and Justice and Solidarity. New representatives of the regions were appointed there, challenged to articulate with the various countries.

Declarations of support to the prison pastorals of different countries and denunciation against violence and deaths in prisons; the last ones were to Honduras and Brazil.

Participation in the Congress on Social Inequity organized by the World Economic Forum and the Vatican Secretary of State (2014).

Joint work with CELAM, proposing as challenges for the coming years, formation, deepening of theological reflection and reorganization of the regions.