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The audacity of peace

The audacity of peace

An International Peace Meeting was held in Berlin (Germany) from 10-12 September 2023. Among other things, various forums dealt with topics related to building and maintaining peace.

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UN Vienna

Prison Chaplaincy and UN diplomacy

Once a year, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), part of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), invites the member states and members of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to a meeting in Vienna.

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NO to the death penalty

Say 'NO' to the death penalty

There are many reasons to say 'NO' to the death penalty. It is not a just punishment, since it 'offers no justice to victims, but rather foments revenge ... And it prevents any possibility of correcting a possible miscarriage of justice.'

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Dr. Jonathan Werner

"O brother where art thou?"

Dr. Jonathan Werner held a lecture at the Restorative Justice Congress in Puerto Rico (february 2020).

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Integral Human Development and the Catholic Prison Pastoral Care

Integral Human Development and the Catholic Prison Pastoral Care

A meeting to promote and support the care of people in prison: Vatican 7-8 november 2019.

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Dr. Fred van Iersel

Pope Francis on the death penalty

What does the rejection of the death penalty by Pope Francis mean? Some theological considerations by Prof. Dr. Fred van Iersel.

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ICCPPC Congress Panama 6-10 February 2017:


Brian Gowans

Report of the president at the XIV congress of ICCPPC

"Dear Friends, some time has passed since our last Congress held in Yaounde, Cameroon in September 2011."

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Theo de Wit

"When tickets to the future are no longer valid"

Prof. Dr. Theo de Wit held a lecture at the ICCPPC Congress in Panama City.

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Juan Garcia Cuerva

Approaches to a prison spirituality

Presentation Jorge Garcia Cuerva - ICCPPC Panama City.

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Elvy Monzant	Árraga

A poor Church for the poor

Presentation Elvy Monzant Árraga - ICCPPC Panama City.

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For Justice and Mercy

Panama final

Presentation Fr. Satuerto - ICCPPC Panama City.

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For Justice and Mercy

For Justice and Mercy

For Justice and Mercy offers international texts on the position of prison chaplaincy and examples from the praxis.

The initiative for this publication was taken by the board of ICCPPC to pay extra attention to its 65 years existence, and to the Year of Mercy 2016.

Pope Francis

Pope meets inmates: "I am a sinner like you"

In 2015 Pope Francis visited in Bolivia the overcrowded Palmasola prison. Click on the link to read his speech to the incarcerated men and women.

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Pope Francis on the Justice system

"I would like to share a few ideas with you on certain issues which, although debatable in part - in part! - touch directly upon the dignity of the human person and therefore concern the Church, in her mission of evangelization, of human advancement, of service to justice and to peace."

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ICCPPC Board meeting in Delhi

In 2014 the board of ICCPPC met in Delhi (India). Click on the link to read the report.

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