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ICCPPC Report Africa 2017

Since the Cameroon congress we have had the following regional activities: 1. Trainings in restorative justice in south Africa where Cameroon, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, and south Africa were trained. 2. we participated in the inauguration of the Africae Munus by Pope Emeritus Benedict xvi, an exhortation of the synod of Bishop's in Africa on Church working for justice and peace, which was also the theme for the ICCPPC CONGRESS IN Cameroon. 3. We set up a working group for SECAM for Prison Pastoral Care in Africa in 2013 and an action plan for the region which was to be realised between 2015-2017 with representatives from south Africa, Cameroon ...

For Justice and Mercy

Publications on an international level and addressing prison chaplaincy from different angles are rare. For Justice and Mercy offers international texts on the position of prison chaplaincy and examples from the praxis. (more…)

Dropping Off the Edge 2015

Dropping Off the Edge 2015 identifies areas of disadvantage in every state and territory of Australia and uncovers the web of factors that must be solved for the communities, and our nation to thrive. For more information go to www.dote.org.au

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