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For the abolition of the death penalty

Go to https://youtu.be/Cpv3zCBJzSc. There are many reasons to say “NO” to the death penalty. It is not a just punishment, since it “offers no justice to victims, but rather foments revenge… And it prevents any possibility of correcting a possible miscarriage of justice.” It’s morally inadmissible, because “it destroys the most important gift we have received: life.” And, as Francis reminds us, “in the light of the Gospel, the death penalty is unacceptable.” Let us not remain indifferent in the face of laws which, in some parts of the world, still allow the death penalty. Let us join the Holy Father in his prayer intention ...

O brother, were art thou?

Dr. Jonathan Werner held a lecture at the Restorative Justice Congress in Puerto Rico (february 2020). >> Download the document

Pope Francis on the death penalty

What does the rejection of the death penalty by Pope Francis mean? - some theological considerations by Prof.dr. Fred van Iersel. Download document

ICCPPC Panama 2017: Theo de Wit

Lecture Theo de Wit: Panama Hope for criminals. Download document

ICCPPC Report Oceania 2017

Oceania Report 2017 Oceania is newly established; geographically disparate, with very expensive internal travel costs coupled with adverse travel connections. Australia has only managed national Prison Chaplains gatherings over recent years which has provided an opportunity to introduce ICCPPC. International Prison Chaplains Association Congress, 2015 A major benefit for our region was the IPCA Congress, 2015 as it provided the opportunity to meet with colleagues from the Oceania region, of which there were more than 100 chaplains of the 250 who attended. Catholic Prison Chaplains Gathering 24 – 26 September 2015, Mary MacKillop Place, ...

ICCPPC Report Europe 2017

Report of the representative What has happened in Europe since the last congress? Marc Helfer (France) was elected as the Europe representative in Cameroon, as agreed at the last Congress Malachy Keegan/England followed him after two years in 2013. In October 2014 I was elected as the Europe representative. I travelled to various countries to get them into or to revive their participation in ICCPPC, among others these are: Spain, Italy, France, Luxemburg, Sweden, Belgium. Furthermore I contacted most of the European Bishop’s conferences to get connected, however, not all responded. There have been 5 European meetings since the last ...

Report of the President at the XIV Congress of ICCPPC

Panama City 6th – 10th February 2017 Dear Friends, Some time has passed since our last Congress held in Yaounde, Cameroon in September 2011. However, for the ICCPPC that time has been fruitfully spent in such diverse ways across the continents as you and I have contributed greatly in the field of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care. The Board has been working on your behalf developing areas of pastoral care and responding to various requests where possible. As always the greatest resource we have is ourselves –the men and women who work tirelessly, sometimes with little or no reward, to ensure that those in prison are safe and that their voice ...

ICCPPC Report Asia 2017

The report of Asian regional meeting held at congress in Panama Reported by Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan, Asian Representative. THE WORLD OF PRISONS: More than 11 million people are held in penal institutions throughout the world (WPPL) 1. Asian countries and prisons: In Asia we have 45 countries including the Middle East countries. The total number of people under confinement is 3728422 ( 3. 7 million) (WPPL.). INDIA: Prison Ministry India, a national voluntary registered organization under the guidance of Catholic bishops’ conference of India with 30 rehabilitation centres and 850 branches all over the country. There is always pastoral ...

ICCPPC Report Africa 2017

Since the Cameroon congress we have had the following regional activities: 1. Trainings in restorative justice in south Africa where Cameroon, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, and south Africa were trained. 2. we participated in the inauguration of the Africae Munus by Pope Emeritus Benedict xvi, an exhortation of the synod of Bishop's in Africa on Church working for justice and peace, which was also the theme for the ICCPPC CONGRESS IN Cameroon. 3. We set up a working group for SECAM for Prison Pastoral Care in Africa in 2013 and an action plan for the region which was to be realised between 2015-2017 with representatives from south Africa, Cameroon ...

For Justice and Mercy

Publications on an international level and addressing prison chaplaincy from different angles are rare. For Justice and Mercy offers international texts on the position of prison chaplaincy and examples from the praxis. (more…)